Shiloh Place Orphanage | Together We Can Do This!
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Together We Can Do This!

The dream of Shiloh Place Orphanage has had a great beginning, but the path is long and more help is needed.  Many Canadians are amazed at how far a small donation can go in changing the life of a child in Africa, if the funds are managed carefully and efficiently by a compassionate and organized individual and team.  Shiloh Place Orphanage is not a large organization and works solely to make a difference to the lives of children in one community in the DRC, but what a difference this work is making!

“Providing education to children has proven to be the very best way to improve the lives of individuals and entire communities in developing countries, for dozens of reasons and in numerous documented studies.”

Help and Support

Providing a home and education

  • Sponsor an orphan’s home and education
    • $1,000 per year provides a safe and loving home, as well as a year’s education for an orphan
  • Sponsor the education of a child from a very poor family
    • $250 per year pays for a child’s school supplies, uniform and tuition for a year


Building better lives for the future

  • Sponsor a new home for orphans, in whole or in part
    • $8,000 builds and furnishes a home for 6-8 orphans and their caregiver
      • Bunk beds can be sponsored for only $200 each
  • Sponsor a new classroom block, in whole or in part
    • $7,000 is all it costs for a new building to educate 50 impoverished children
      • Student desks can be sponsored for as little as $60 each
  • Sponsor a new Career Development Centre
    • $10-20,000 will build and equip a facility for taking the education of SPO children to the next level
      • Essential teaching and trades equipment like woodworking tools and sewing machines can be sponsored for as little as $50-200
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You Can Help!