Shiloh Place Orphanage | The Children
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The Children

SPO the children, orphans brothers (3)

Shiloh Place Orphanage 

provides a home and education to orphaned children in Lubumbashi, DRC.  These brothers have lost both of their parents and now are part of our SPO community.



This is Plamedi, she lives sometimes with her grandma and sometimes with her uncle.  She has been with us for many years now, as she started at SPO when she was in grade one andshe is now in secondary school.  Her sponsors have given her a loving and generous start to becoming a successful adult in her community.



Here is Mechack who lives with his grandma as his parents are both gone.  With kind help from people like you, he is able to go to school at SPO and has a chance of a much better future.  Mechack started school at SPO in grade one, – he is now in his first year of secondary school, thanks to his sponsor.

SPO the children, Sarah1 (2)


Sarah is an orphan who lived with her grampa at Shiloh Place Orphanage.  Sarah’s grampa was the Askari (security man), ensuring the facilities were safe, until he passed away eight years ago.  Sarah continues to live at Shiloh Place Orphanage as a member of our community family there.  Sarah is now in her fifth year of sewing classes.   Her goal is to own her own sewing machine and become a tailor when she finishes school.  She has had this opportunity thanks to her sponsors.


More orphans need your help so that they can attend school.

You Can Help!